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Sessions are offered in-person at Kazumi's Hicksville, New York office and through Zoom or Google Meet. Online/remote sessions are remarkably similar to working together in person. And they are just as effective! We work on whatever is most pressing for you at the moment. And you take away powerful tools that will help you continue to feel better.

Three-session packages are available. Packages must be used within three months. Please note that it is not recommended to buy a package for your initial visit.

Session Intake and Consent Forms.

Please complete forms at least 24 hours before your first appointment.

Our Services

Grid Session

The Grid is like the skeleton of the body’s energy system. It is also your most “solid” energy. While it has movement, it does not flow swiftly like the meridians.  

The Grid pathways can be damaged by shock or trauma. This damage resembles a highway that has been divided by an  earthquake. The pathway is separated. One ruptured end does not  touch the other. The Grid energy is still there, but because it cannot  bridge the gap, it may almost seem to have stopped completely. When  this occurs, the energetic foundation of the body is imperiled.Various health and emotional problems that seem to defy correction may trace to a disturbed Grid pattern.

2 to 2.5 hours
From $222

Regression Session

Regression protocols allow a client to recall or re-experience previous events that shaped current patterns in a way that heals what is not healed, completes what is not completed, and assists in the transformation of deeply embedded patterns. These patterns may include not only behavioral habits and personality issues, but also   conditioned responses to the environment, unbalanced health patterns, and even the way the meridians and other energy systems adapt to external circumstances

2 to 2.5 hours
From $222

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