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Kazumi Dunn

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner
Emotion Code Practitioner

Biofield Tuning Fork Practitioner




A Message from Kazumi

As a certified Eden Energy Medicine, Emotion Code, and Biofield Tuning Fork practitioner, I specialize in helping you reduce stress and anxiety while restoring your body’s natural flow of energy. By addressing these issues, we can significantly improve your overall well-being and quality of life, whether you’re dealing with chronic conditions, facing serious illnesses, or seeking support for your beloved pets. I offer personalized sessions both in-person and online to cater to the diverse needs of your entire family.


Reducing stress and anxiety is crucial because they can have a profound impact on our physical and emotional health. Prolonged stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system, disrupt sleep patterns, hinder focus and productivity, strain relationships, and even worsen symptoms associated with chronic conditions and serious illnesses. By effectively managing and reducing stress, we can enhance our energy levels, find greater joy and peace of mind, and support the body's innate healing abilities.


Together, we'll explore your unique energy balance, tailor our sessions to meet your specific needs, and create a harmonious environment that fosters healing. I'm here to support you and your loved ones, be they human or animal, throughout your health journey.

Ready to reduce stress, find balance, and support the well-being of your entire family, including those with chronic conditions, serious illnesses, and beloved pets?


Let's take the first step together.

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Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)

Offers a needle-free alternative to acupuncture, utilizing nine energy systems to help you alleviate stress and restore balance. Through simple yet powerful techniques, I can teach you how to feel better both physically and emotionally.

Emotion Code

A transformative and straightforward approach to releasing trapped emotions that weigh you down, allowing you to shed emotional baggage and welcome positive energies into your heart and body.

Biofield Tuning Fork

Uses tuning forks as vibrational sound healing, clearing up and reorganizing dissonance in your biofield. Striking a tuning fork, then holding it against an area that feels tense or painful is believed to alleviate symptoms and encourage healing. Tuning forks can also stimulate mental energy and heighten self-awareness.

Client-centered tools & skills that draw from multiple approaches
Green Leaf
Green Leaf

I highly recommend these energy treatments. 


I was feeling very lethargic and negative before my session with Kazumi.

While She was working on me, I started to relax. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated. And to my surprise, I had a lot of energy and felt very upbeat.

Lori Goodman


Office located in Hicksville, NY

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